Please call me anytime at 630-370-9072 or send an email to tim@reedaccordions.com .

You are an "old world" craftsmen that takes pride in your work.  I got your
accordion in the mail the other day and have had a hard time putting it down.  I
have never played one with a better touch and the sound is perfect !  The fit and
finish is the best I have ever seen.  If someone is thinking about purchasing one
from you, do not hesitate referring them to me for a testimonial.
Thanks for what I think of as my new "Magic Accordion"
I am so impressed with the quality and workmanship.  This accordion sounds wonderful
and hopefully one day I will be able to play it to its full capability.  You
captured all the wood and coloration that I wanted even the blue bellows.  I am
proud of this instrument and cannot thank you enough for your time and talent to
produce it for me.

As we say in France: “plus c’est long plus c’est bon” “the longer it is*** the best it is”.
The Fabulous Red Thing arrived home this morning. Thank you. You found for me a beautiful melodeon. Not so lightweight (3kg) but today’s fashion is hard and heavy wood. But playing … is really light as you said. Magnificent very fast reeds, immediate response, beautiful sound. Loud but not too loud, the sound. I play folk with DellaNoce Italian  organetto3 voices with much vibrato, howling.

The quality of Tim Reed instrument is better than the quality of my playing, no problem, it is a pleasure.

I've been working with Big Nick's DVD Vol. 2.  He plays an Acadian in C.
The audio quality of the DVD is excellent, and it allows a very objective
comparison of the two accordion sounds.   The lessons include numerous "play
along" sequences where the student plays on top of the teacher.

Both accordions are in unison.  I haven't found any difference
button-for-button.  Nick does one song with only the #3 register open.  The
Reed still sounds identical.  Bass and chord, ditto.  The tuning similarity
is amazing. Mine sounds EXACTLY like the Acadian.

I can't play the Acadian from the DVD, but if it has better action than than
mine it's a helluva box.  I have noticed that Nick has to pull the register
stops up frequently, indicating that they are slipping down.  That's the the
scenario that you worked to avoid.

We discussed the blindfold test some time ago, and I'm now firmly convinced
that an expert would be challenged to tell them apart.

If the Acadian is the benchmark, you're right on target.  Since I don't plan
to sell or swap, this really confirms the value of my investment.

Thanks for the good work!
“I think that a Reed accordion is a great deal.
Other makers are more expensive these days, and to me Tim Reed’s accordions
belong in that high end range of built quality.
          I love the accordion. It’s a work of art and sounds great.
          is really light as you said. Magnificent very fast reeds, immediate response, beautiful sound.
          it looks and sounds great–now i need to begin extensive work on my
skill set
          Everybody loves the beauty of the accordion and so do I, but I love to play it
most of all.
          The accordion is superb